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system administraton policies (history; this box)

For current policy information see: system administration rules of the road (this box).

early history

The earliest "policy" docmentation mostliy consisted of a bit of text in file:/etc/motd which in turn mostly referenced these files:
That was around approximately 2007-02-11. The earliest or earlier versions of those files may not have been preserved.
Here are the earliest known versions of the contents of those files and the mtimes from those files:
2007-03-22T22:08:25-0700 /home/sflug/admin/policies:

this is a policies doc for the sf-lug group box. 


the primary purpose for the box is to support the sf-lug web pages. 


a secondary purpose for the box is to support command-line activities of sf-lug members. 

a secondary purpose for the box is to provide an educational playground for sf-lug members who want to explore learning linux. 

a secondary purpose for the box is to support web pages for anyone, sf-lug member or not, a guide for studying to pass the Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) and the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) tests. 


On this host are the following programs that pertain to system administration: 


The /etc/group and /etc/passwd files reveal a structure to GID and UID numbers. 
5xx is the primary administration group. 
6xx is the secondary and specialized administration group. 
1xxx is all other sf-lug members. 
10xxx is for those who are not sf-lug members. 

currently members with root privileges are jstockford and nkuriger. 

as much as possible, administrators should use sudo (and should be listed in the /etc/sudoers file). 

current list of users in the /etc/sudoers file:

currently all persons with login accounts on this host are members of the webmasters group and the sflug group. this is not strictly policy and is subject to review. 


all html and php pages for the sf-lug web site must be created or modified such that they are maintainable with a text editor. do not use windows tools to create files for this host. use editors that use standard unix newline characters and that do not automatically add tags. as with any other problems, if you want a particular editor on this host, post a request to the sf-lug email list. 

2007-02-11T12:16:58-0800 /home/sflug/python/policies:

this is a policies file for the python study group 


python is installed on this host. any sf-lug members can write and compile python programs in their home directories. 

to ask for updates to the Python interpreter, post a request to the sf-lug email list. 

2007-02-11T12:04:24-0800 /home/sflug/rhcte/policies:

this is a policies doc for those working on the sf-lug rhct and rhce project. 


the purpose of the project is to provide a guide for those wishing to study to pass either the Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) or the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) tests. 


the primary content proposed is a progressive list of skills and tasks and commands that one must master to pass either test, along with references to information sources. 


the hope is that those working on this project will collaborate and share what they learn. the expectation is that those working on this project are interested in studying for either the RHCT or the RHCE tests. Note that of the two, it is the RHCT test areas that have to do with administering a Red Hat Enterprise Linux host; the RHCE test areas have mostly to do with installing and configuring servers on a RHEL platform. 


early questions and refinement

Note that many of the below list links no longer go to the correct messages (as list host crashed, and messages reloaded weren't precise same set (or order) as from before crash):

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