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IP Addresses (mostly BALUG and related [L]UGs, etc.)

"old" <~=2019-12-19 --> "new" >~=2019-12-12     --> network (/29)     -->     -->     -->     -->     -->[L]UGs     --> gateway     --> broadcast

"new" addresses are now active,
there will be bit overlap period of about 8 days,
IPv4 addresses are shown with relevant "mappings", but note that
they're not in IPv4 ordered sequence (notably gateway will
change from first, to last, of the "usable" IPs in the sequence).

SF-LUG (see also for SF-LUG list(s))
BerkeleyLUG - see (& DNS data (e.g. for SF-LUG list)

IPs not used for BALUG/[L]UG(s) may not be particularly detailed here
(hosting provided courtesy of Michael Paoli, [L]UGs essentially mostly "just" get use of the one IPv4 address).

additional details may be found in/via DNS
IPv6? Mostly see the DNS data for relevant information.

mostly historical information

See earlier versions of wiki page in history

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