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New VM Setup Guide

All commands unless otherwise noted are done though sudo

1. run vgdisplay should show something like..

[root@c002-h01-mb ~]# vgdisplay 
--- Volume group ---
VG Name               VolGroup00
System ID             
Format                lvm2
Metadata Areas        1
Metadata Sequence No  13
VG Access             read/write
VG Status             resizable
MAX LV                0
Cur LV                3
Open LV               3
Max PV                0
Cur PV                1
Act PV                1
VG Size               230.78 GB
PE Size               32.00 MB
Total PE              7385
Alloc PE / Size       2161 / 67.53 GB
Free  PE / Size       5224 / 163.25 GB
VG UUID               RUYkyT-T97Q-twgR-vemQ-nIPq-XHo3-U3HX1v

Free PE / Size 5224 / 163.25 GB Our current free space. We now need to cut a chunk out.

2. lvcreate -L50G -n<newvm> VolGroup00 - This will give us a new 50G volume we can use for our new VM. See it with lvdisplay

NOTE: From here on out you will need X forwarding until a fix is found for the console.

3. virt-manager (works with ssh -X ..) FIXME

4. enter root password FIXME should be able to sudo somehow

5. connect to local xen

6. once inside virt-manager, Select File/New Machine

7. Enter a name

8. Select type of virt method, use fully virt if possible.

9. Browse or type path to location of ISO file

10. Select normal disk partition, path should be /dev/VolGroup00/<newvm> 11. Select the memory usage and cpus to use.

12. Hit finish and wait.. if the vm console shows up go to step 14.

13. The new vm should show up in virt-manager's main window select it and click open.

14. Proceed with install..

15. once finished the system may not reboot, just goto to the console and type xm create <newvm>.

To access the console inside virt-manager select the domain and click open.

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