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Appropriate Outage Notification

For planned outages notify (pardon the spam-bot resistant form(s)):

For BALUG and/or SF-LUG VMs notify the relevant email address(es) / alias(es).
In cases of work impacting both (e.g. host vicki), notify both.
Depending on nature/duration/timing of expected outage(s), sysadmin(s) dealing with the various LUG(s) may handle additional communication(s)/notification(s) as deemed appropriate (e.g. to the SF-LUG list, BALUG "talk" and/or "announce" list(s), etc., and/or notifications on service(s), etc.)

The email addresses/aliases (
as appropriate, apply rot13(6) or:
$ LC_ALL=C tr '[A-Za-z]' '[N-ZA-Mn-za-m]'

  • fs-yht-flfnqzvaf (ng) onyht (qbg) bet


  • onyht-flfnqzvaf (ng) onyht (qbg) bet

Note that the e-mail address(es) (alias(es)) may be subject to change in the future.

Edit /etc/motd and/or /etc/issue as appropriate in the case of on-going fixes and updates.

Out-of-band status page? Something may be placed somewhere on/under (or possibly elsewhere … still a "to be done" item).

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