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Digital Resources

(assets) of:

registrant/owner: Jack Deslippe
DNS (authority, as of 2018-11-12):
$ dig +noall +authority NS        172800  IN      NS        172800  IN      NS        172800  IN      NS        172800  IN      NS
Looks like that DNS is Google hosted.

IRC: #berkeleylug ChanServ: grantbow (Grant Bowman)

web site managed via:
Looks like the hosting is likely presently the $4.00/month billed yearly plan, notably includes:
custom domain
Remove Ads
Whereas the free tier doesn't include those "features"
export/import, see:

"List" / Google Group:!forum/berkeleylug
Owners: Jack Deslippe,
Managers: Grant Bowman, Michael Paoli email 8-O
$ dig +noall +answer +nottl MX        IN      MX      10        IN      MX      20        IN      MX      30        IN      MX      50        IN      MX      40

BerkeleyLUG calendar on Google calendars:
Acccess: Make changes and manage sharing:
Jack Deslippe
Michael Paoli
Grant Bowman
Not that this calendar mostly only exists for historical purposes, and has mostly been superseded by:
SF Bay Area Open Source/Linux Events
Which Michael Paoli (and many other folks) have access to Make changes to events.

Fosstodon instance on Mastodon
Creator and owner: Aaron Cohen

(likely Grant Bowman has access/control on the Twitter bits)

Facebook (Jack and/or Grant)
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