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michael_paoli more on our converter device - apparently XGA 1024 x 768 is highest resolution input it takes
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 Information,​ resources, common questions and answers Information,​ resources, common questions and answers
 **for those doing or prospectively doing talks/​presentations at BALUG** **for those doing or prospectively doing talks/​presentations at BALUG**
 +***Thank you for your interest.*** Please direct all correspondence to Our primary people and a group of volunteers will respond.
 If you will or may be giving a talk/​presentation at BALUG, If you will or may be giving a talk/​presentation at BALUG,
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 likes to jump out of perfectly good planes for fun"). likes to jump out of perfectly good planes for fun").
-Projector +We're hoping to have some improvements on this in future
-We generally ​have projector and screen available to us, but do note +but as of 2014-10-21we've had change ​of venueso at present with 
-that our typical video setup results ​in rather low resolution +our regular venue: 
-projection to the screen. +Projector ​we don't have projector or screen or particularly good 
-Particularlywe have a converter device which accepts most VGA type  +surface/​wall ​for projecting onto 
-input (has VGA type connector ​accepts up to XGA 1024x768) ​it then  +Audio we don't have a PA system 
-converts to NTSC (ye olde analog television) composite video. ​ That is  +Networking? ​- may be possible to tether via cellular, but cellular 
-then projected onto overhead screen (about a 10x10' screen mounted on +signal can be spotty There may be some Wi-Fi at the venue that we can 
-about 20' high ceiling). ​ This generally works quite adequately if the +use - if you may need thatask us in advance, and we'll see what we can 
-"​slides"​ aren't too detailed (smaller textlines and detail won't work +find out. 
-so well, most everything else works adequately or better. ​ E.g. a +Power - AC power isn'​t ​conveniently available, but generally can be made 
-screen ​of 80x24 text is typically slightly too small to be easily read+available.  ​If you'll want/need AC powerlet us know, and we can 
-but slightly larger (e.g. screen of 62x22 text) is quite readable.) +probably arrange that. 
-We sometimes are able to make available higher resolution projector and +The present venue is restaurant ​generally not all that crowded when 
-portable screen (to bring screen closer to most of the audience ​also, +we're there, but we don't have our own separate room/​area ​typically 
-other than the ceiling mounted screens, the restaurant doesn't have +just a (large) table or two for us (up to around 10 people per table) - 
-surfaces that are well suited ​for projection) ​but such isn't +possibly more tables if we have larger group.  If we get sufficiently 
-necessarily the case, and requires advanced notice and confirmation. +large number of people ​(e.g. well over 20) we might be able to use 
-One can bring one's own projector if desired, but again, there'​s the +separate area of restaurant.
-issue of available projection surfaces (sometimes BALUG may have +
-portable projection screen available ​- may not always ​be the case, and +
-also requires advance notice and confirmation). +
- +
-Audio +
-We do have a pair of wireless microphones (and a microphone stand) and +
-PA system generally available to us.  It's probably also possible to +
-feed other audio into the available equipment, but we may need some +
-additional advance notice if such is desired in order to work out such +
-arrangements. +
- +
-Networking?​ +
-We generally have some type of Wi-Fi access ​at the Four Seas Restaurant +
-(ESSID: FSR key: f0urseas) with NAT/SNAT Internet access to The  +
-Internet. ​ It seems to be fairly reliablebut might occasionally drop  +
-out, drop connectoins,​ or (less commonly) require the access point to +
-be reset We typically don'​t ​have wired Ethernet connections +
-available.  ​Cellular reception is generally reasonable or betterso +
-networking via EVDO or the like is also generally doable ​though we +
-don't have equipment to provide such - just the cellular signal is +
-there. +
- +
-Power +
-Standard 120 VAC 60Hz is available, and we can likely handle ​up to +
-about 5A (600W) without particular concern (likely all on single 15A +
-circuit shared with other devices and equipment).  If you do or may +
-need more than 5A (600W), check with us first - we may or may not be +
-able to provide such (or one might need a long suitably rated extension +
-cord to draw additional power from another circuit).+
 </​file>​ </​file>​
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 (some times are approximate):​ (some times are approximate):​
 <​file>​ <​file>​
-6:30 P.M. meeting officially kicks off - we gather ​near the restaurant'+6:30 P.M. meeting officially kicks off - we gather ​and are seated in the 
-          ​bar, socialize/​meet/​greet, ​typically ​do nametags, collect cash +          ​restaurant.  We might order appetizer(s) and/or soup.  We 
-          for dinner (we treat our guest speaker/​presenter to dinner - +          socialize/​meet/​greet, ​may do nametags.
-          so no charge there).+
-7:00 P.M. BALUG pays the restaurant for dinner, and we're seated for +7:00 P.M. We order dinner. ​ Folks should arrive before 7:00 P.M. if they 
-          ​dinner.  For >= 40 people, we generally eat upstairs (same +          wish to join us for dinner (we typically dine or mostly dine 
-          room as used for presentation),​ for < 40 people (also a fairly +          "​family style",​ and may not be able to accommodate folks in 
-          common occurrence) we generally eat downstairs in the main +          that manner ​after 7:00 P.M.  Folks can still be later and 
-          dining area.  Folks should arrive before 7:00 P.M. if they +          order separately off menu, but that's often a bit more 
-          wish to join us for dinner (after 7:00 P.M. we may not be able +          disruptive, and we may not have open seat(s) at the table(s) 
-          to accommodate them for dinner due to our "​family style" +          ​we're already sitting at - so we try to encourage everyone ​to 
-          ​restaurant dinner pre-order arrangements).+          ​show up not later than 7:00 P.M.).
-7:55 P.M. if we're eating downstairs, and haven'​t already set up A/V +8:00 P.M. We typically ​transition from social/informal/​dining to 
-          equipment and connections upstairs, ​typically +          ​talk/presentation around this time.
-          presenter/speaker and a BALUG person (or two or three) will +
-          ​migrate upstairs to get the A/V equipment set up, connected,​ +
-          and all set to go+
-8:00 P.M. if we're eating downstairswe migrate upstairs for +          We commonly do "​announcements"​and "brief community 
-          talk/​presentation.+          ​announcements"​ (folks can take up to a minute to announce 
 +          stuff likely to be of relevance to BALUG) before and/or after 
 +          the talk/​presentation
-          We do "​announcements",​ and "brief community announcements"​ +8:45 P.M. - 9:15 P.M. talk/​presentation ​typically ​concludes somewhere in 
-          (folks can take up to a minute to announce stuff likely to be +                      ​this timerange, and often/​typically winds down to 
-          of relevance to BALUG) before and/or after the +                      ​Q&A (formally and/or informally) and/or more 
-          talk/​presentation +                      ​general ​discussion.
- +
-          Introduction and talk/​presentation +
- +
-8:45 P.M. - 9:15 P.M. talk/​presentation concludes somewhere in this +
-                      timerange, and often/​typically winds down to Q&A +
-                      ​(formally and/or informally) and/or more general +
-                      discussion.+
                       if "​announcements"​ and "brief community                       if "​announcements"​ and "brief community
                       announcements"​ haven'​t already been                       announcements"​ haven'​t already been
-                      done/​concluded,​ we'll wrap that up.+                      done/​concluded,​ we'​ll ​typically ​wrap that up.
                       if we have any door prize drawings and/or                       if we have any door prize drawings and/or
                       giveaways, we'll typically do that                       giveaways, we'll typically do that
-folks may continue to mill about and talk following completion of the above+folks may continue to mill about and talk following completion of the 
 <= 9:30 P.M. we try to fully wrap up and leave the restaurant by 9:30 <= 9:30 P.M. we try to fully wrap up and leave the restaurant by 9:30
              P.M. (we are fairly often the last customers in the              P.M. (we are fairly often the last customers in the
              ​restaurant,​ and try to avoid inconveniencing the restaurant              ​restaurant,​ and try to avoid inconveniencing the restaurant
-             as much as possible, particularly in consideration of the +             as much as feasible).
-             deal they give us on dinner and use of the upstairs +
-             "​banquet room" for our talks/​presentations).+
 Following the above, and if/as announced and if there are interested Following the above, and if/as announced and if there are interested
 folks, some of us will occasionally gather after the meeting at a nearby folks, some of us will occasionally gather after the meeting at a nearby
-pub (e.g. Li Po Cocktail Lounge, 916 Grant Ave. - two blocks away from +location ​(e.g. some brew pub or the like) for continued discussions,​ 
-the restaurant) for continued discussions,​ etc+etc.
- +
- +
-"​bumping"​ & the upstairs restaurant space and other restaurant notes: +
-The restaurant is kind enough to allow us to use the upstairs +
-restaurant space ("​banquet room") gratis, but as part of that +
-arrangement,​ though it rarely happens, we're subject to being "​bumped"​ +
-(if paying customers book that room that evening, then we don't have +
-the space available to us).  Our being "​bumped"​ is a rather rare, but +
-not unknown occurrence. ​ In such cases we'd generally know in advance, +
-but sometimes not very far in advance (e.g. many hours to a few days or +
-so).  Also, the larger the crowd we can accurately predict and +
-"​guarantee"​ for the restaurant, the less likely we are to be "​bumped"​ +
-(e.g. if/when we are or are likely to be a dining crowd of 50 or more, +
-and are able to project that relatively well in advance, it's +
-improbable the restaurant would "​bump"​ us).+
 </​file>​ </​file>​
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