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Action Items:

  1. Update website with new speaker information in a timely manner and ensure accuracy of information
  2. Enable RSS feeds for meeting updates


As speakers are confirmed & ideally with in 24 hours. If it takes longer to update

Balug Mailing Lists

  1. Announce -


BALUG has a [Twitter|] account: BALUG_org

BALUG also has a [|] account: balugorg

At least Michael Paoli has access to the above Twiter and accounts - email address on the accounts is The balug-sysadmins alias at domain - so accounts should be recoverable if person(s) get flattened by a bus or some such.

External LUG mailing lists

Mailing List Guideines

  1. Make every attempt to follow the mailing list guidlines
  2. Subject line is the most important part of the message… make it compelling
  3. Focus on most interesting or important element of the meeting
  4. Keep it short & pithy
  5. Give people an action
  6. Include only vital details (time, date, location)
  7. Use link for lesser details (driving directions, etc.) to cut down on overall message length
  8. Plain text only
  9. No attachments


Andrew Fife

Action Items:

  1. Blast announcements publicizing BALUG events
  2. Create BALUG mail accounts for each LUG mailing list to get past filters that may exist
  3. Can we create a distribution list to other LUG's "announce" lists?


First Tuesday of each month, followed by "TOMORROW" reminder notes the third Monday or each month. Immediately when a major speaker is confirmed.

LUG Directories

Known Mailing Lists

  1. Diablo Valley Linux Users Group (DVLUG) - list Diablo Valley Linux Users Group (DVLUG) (max. one per month per Grant Bowman 2014-06-14) (Michael Paoli - subscribed)
  2. SVLUG - (AF-Sub)
  3. SFLUG - (AF-Sub)
  4. PenLUG - (AF-Sub)
  5. BayLISA -
  6. BayPIGgies - (AF-Sub)
  7. Stanford LUG - (AF-Sub)
  8. SMAUG - (AF-Sub)
  9. SoCoSA - (AF-Sub)
  10. CABAL - (AF-Sub)
  11. SFO BUG - (AF-Sub)
  12. SF Perl Mongers - (AF-Sub)
  13. NB LUG - (AF-Sub)
  14. BaySec ( list) - (AF-Sub)
  15. BaySec ( list) (AF-Sub)
    • Policy changed again, okay to post local software events as of Feb 08.
  16. BAFUG -
  17. ACCU - (AF-Sub)
  18. CAL CS Grad Students - csgsa@cs.berkeley
    • Message Bounced on 12/24/07
  19. CAL CS Undergrad Students - politburo@csua.berkeley
    • Message Bounced on 12/24/07
  20. LUGOD - (AF-Sub)
  21. SacLUG - (AF-Sub)

University Department Faculty


  • What is our budget for printing?
  • Which universities should we prioritize given the time constraints of physically driving to each location?
  • Is there a gas stipend? (Probably Not)


  • CS Department hallways
  • Focus on local SF schools
  • Maybe add Stanford & CAL for prestige reason… sponsors may value this
  1. SF State (Andrew Scott, 9/25)
  2. USF (Mae Ling, 9/25)
    • Follow Up with Gregory Benson, CS Dept Chair, about BALUG promotions… seems to want to help… Andrew also met a USF MIS Prof @ LinuxWorld
    • 415.422.5066
  3. CCSF (Mae Ling, 9/25)
  4. Heald College (Mae Ling, 9/25)
  5. De Vry(Mae Ling, 9/25)
  6. Golden Gate University -TBD
  7. College of Marin (Mae Ling, 9/25)
  • Ask friendly professors to mention in lectures

Other LUG Meetings

  • Make announcements at other LUG meetings
  • Bring flyers to pass out
  • Which meetings does BALUG volunteers already attend regularly?

Member blogs

Speaker blogs

Event listing websites

    • this site folds lines - seems to depend on browser and browser settings - might be better to enter listing without folding lines, except where explicit folds are desired (and perhaps then use a <BR> or </P><P> tags, as appropriate - and if the site recognizes them - see also note immediately below).
    • The site/listings accept at least some HTML - e.g. <A HREF=" … so … use them :-)
    • suggested 2013-03-19 by Mike Higashi
    • monthly fee to have group(s) setup on Meetup, but may be able to list on other group(s) where poster is a member?


Social Networking

Facebook, MySpace, others?

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