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Can I post a job? - and boilerplate response template

Can I post a job?

Not generally, but for starters, see:

At least at the present time, the list noted above is the only place
BALUG has for listing any job postings - and even then, only under the
quite specific conditions noted as policy for that list.

You're quite welcome to come to BALUG meeting(s) and make a short
announcement about position(s) you're trying to fill, and hand your
contact information out to whomever may be interested (and of course
you can also meet folks before the meeting starts, talk with folks over
dinner before any scheduled talk starts, and potentially meet and talk
with folks after the meeting too).

User Groups can be great resources for networking with folks, but
many/most of them have policies against, or significantly restricting
listing of job postings, or have relegated the area(s) where job
postings are allowed to list(s) or area(s) specifically designated for
such, or only allow such listings after they're moderated/approved.

You may want to also consider other regional resources that may be
applicable, e.g. have a look at:
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