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 +====== vicki: upgrade from Debian 6.0 "​Squeeze"​ to ... ======
 +At the time of this writing, vicki is running Debian 6.0.7 "​Squeeze":​
 +$ hostname && lsb_release -d && uname -m && date --rfc-3339=seconds
 +Description: ​   Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.7 (squeeze)
 +2013-05-05 09:​22:​50-07:​00
 +Support, most notably **security support**, for Debian 6.0 "​Squeeze",​ [[http://​​security/​faq#​lifespan|will end
 +around or before 2014-05-03]],​
 +as [[http://​​News/​2013/​20130504|Debian 7.0 "​Wheezy"​ was released 2013-05-04]].
 +It is therefore **important to upgrade vicki on or before** that date, and preferably sufficiently well in advance,
 +e.g. around roughly 2013-11-04.
 +vicki is the physical host, which has as Virtual Machine (VM) "​guests",​ both an SF-LUG ( & and BALUG VM.
 +Note that since both are on VMs (within qemu-kvm on x86_64), any needed upgrades within those VMs themselves can,
 +for the most part, be handled exceedingly independently. ​ E.g. they can even run quite different operating systems (OSes) -
 +essentially anything that can reasonably be run on the vicki host provided VM infrastructure. ​ The only particular
 +dependencies are resources from and availability of vicki (e.g. the guest VMs obviously can't be running on vicki
 +while vicki is down or rebooting or its VM infrastructure isn't available). ​ Therefore, due to the significant degree
 +of general independence and flexibility,​ matters regarding those "​guest"​ OSes shall be considered (and documented, as
 +desired and feasible) separately.
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