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BALUG "Working in the Business" (Linux/...) panel discussion

This wiki page is primarily for tracking status of and planning for the panel discussion.

2009-03-04 earlier mention of the idea
2010-03 created email contact:
2010-03-22: survey form for potential panelists/moderator - began creation
2010-03-31: "announced" (including contact email above) - but specific date not set yet
2010-04-07: survey form for potential panelists/moderator - relatively near to final form - will solicit feedback (and adjustments as appropriate) before going "live"

Some potential topic/question areas:

  • up and down economies:
    • finding great jobs in a down economy
    • finding great candidates in hopping (e.g. dot com boom) times
    • retaining good employees in hot fast-moving economies
    • what needs to or should change when the Linux/IT job market is up/down/sideways/strange and what does or should stay the same?
  • in all that hiring/contracting process:
    • things companies do right/wrong
    • things HR departments do right/wrong
    • things hiring managers do right/wrong
    • things agencies/recruiters do right/wrong
    • advantages/disadvantages of using recruiters/agencies
  • finding the good (or good fits), and sorting out the bad (or bad fits):
    • companies/"opportunities"
    • agencies/recruiters
    • candidates
  • in recruitment/hiring process, most excellent/horrible/strangest/funniest things you've ever seen done by:
    • company/employer
    • hiring manager
    • recruiter/agency
    • candidate
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