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Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) Wiki

BALUG has a wiki, accessible under:

The wiki has various namespaces, some of which may be used for various/other purposes.

The index may be quite handy for locating most or all namespaces and pages within.
The wiki pages themselves may also provide relevant links and descriptions.

The BALUG wiki materials are mostly found within (at/under) the BALUG namespace.

The playground namespace may be used for test editing and such - at present, it is set so that its contents reset after about 30 to 60 minutes of non-use.

Some namespaces may be on this wiki "temporarily", and may move elsewhere later.

Access/edit policies and permissions may vary among namespaces and/or pages.
As of 2010-02-21, this is outline of current access configuration, most specific match takes precedence over less specific match (for an explanation of how these permissions work, see acl):

*              @ALL    1
balug:*        @user   8
playground:*   @user   16
sf-lug:*       @user   8
svlug:*        @user   8
system:*       @user   8
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