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A boilerplate response template for those pesky "unsubscribe me from" emails.

Subject: BALUG list(s) unsubscribe

Subscribe/unsubscribe is completely self-service on BALUG lists.

So, you should be able to fully take care of that yourself.

See the reference information (links, etc.) provided further below.

Note also:
o every list mailing contains URL(s) towards end of message body
  to manage subscription(s) - including unsubscribing
o in addition to the above, every list posting sent also contains
  unsubscribe information within the message headers (notably the
  "List-Unsubscribe: " header contains information on how to
  unsubscribe both via email and via URL)

If that doesn't work for you, please provide:
o The  error diagnostic(s) (if any) you're getting when you attempt to
o What steps you're following that result in the above (never tell me/us
  nor anyone your list password, but otherwise provide relevant details)
o FULL EMAIL HEADERS of an example message that you're getting or still
  getting that you're trying to unsubscribe from.

Hopefully you should be able to self-unsubscribe, but if that fails,
please let us know, as noted above.

Thanks for your attention to this and your cooperation,

The busy BALUG / list administrator folks.

See also / references / excerpts / hints:
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