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A boilerplate response template for those pesky "unsubscribe me from" emails.

pieces grabbed from such responses I've used within about the past year:

Subject: BALUG list(s) unsubscribe

Subscribe/unsubscribe is completely self-service on BALUG lists.

So, you should be able to fully take care of that yourself.
See the reference information (links, etc.) provided further below.

If that doesn't work for you, please provide:
o The  error diagnostic(s) (if any) you're getting when you attempt to
o What steps you're following that result in the above (never tell me/us
  nor anyone your list password, but otherwise provide relevant details)
o FULL EMAIL HEADERS of an example message that you're getting or still
  getting that you're trying to unsubscribe from.

Hopefully you should be able to self-unsubscribe, but if that fails,
please let us know, as noted above.

Thanks for your attention to this and your cooperation,

The busy BALUG / list administrator folks.

See also / references / excerpts / hints:
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