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This is an old revision of the document! Exodus

Leaving hosting


  • [done] verify have all www data
  • [done] also get robots.txt
  • [done] get/verify mysql dump (PhpNuke)


  • [done 2017-08-17] off physical host: get at least one quite full current set backed up
  • [done 2017-08-21] off-site: get at least one quite full current set backed up

Email Migrations

  • [MTA accepts for @{{temp,lists}.,}, [done]: "aliases" or equivalent and DNS] ("aliases", or equivalent functionality)

List Migrations

  • [in progress: old archives,, miscellaneous follow-through] details: List Migrations


  • [done] stage DNS data for activation on nameservers
  • [done] Before switch, catch up on relevant changes on, e.g. web pages (as those may not be so visible or reliably seen, or have automagic/manual rsync available while transition is in progress, etc.)
  • [pending] Notifications - let BALUG-Announce know before we pull the big DNS switcharoo (particularly with TTLs and such, might be some glitches from time of switch until things have settled past the relevant TTLs)
  • [done] activate DNS changes on nameservers
  • [done] activate DNS changes (delegation) with registrar


  • [done] "SSL"/TLS cert(s) for (combine with and - no SNI on SMTP)
  • [done] install for HTTPS and SMTP (STARTTLS)


  • [waiting DNS TTL expirations] When completed, notify Michael Hubbard
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