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Books and Publications, etc.

It's fairly common for some books/publications, etc. to be made available at BALUG and other User Group meetings.

These below are currently (subject to availability and/or request) brought by Michael Paoli and/or others to BALUG and some other user group meetings (e.g. Berkeley Unix User Group (BUUG), Bay Area Debian (BAD), Berkeley Linux Users Group, Ubuntu Hour (San Francisco & Berkeley), and sometimes San Francisco Linux Users' Group (SF-LUG) and others).
Other folks may also bring (some of) these and/or additional books, publications, etc.

Want to increase your odds of getting one of these books? :-)
I'll consider these factors:

  • make it to the meeting (that's where I generally give the book(s) away for some person(s) in the user group)
  • drop a note to the relevant [L]UG's (talk/discussion) list regarding which title(s) you're interested in (in preference order if more than one), (and for what (noble) purpose(s)) (and preferably reasonably in advance of the meeting - e.g. I may opt not to schlep book(s) with me if no one has expressed interest in them before I pack for my trek to the meeting - which may be rather early in the morning if I'm doing other stuff (e.g. work) before meeting and may head straight to meeting after that)
  • make it to the meeting on time (or best approximations thereof)
  • which such note(s) of interest are posted earliest/earlier to list

The immediately below item(s) courtesy of Pearson Education's User Group program (they'd love if one writes a review of these, and especially on-line, and most especially on Amazon):

Docker Containers LiveLessons
By Christopher Negus
Published Dec 15, 2014 by Addison-Wesley Professional. Part of the LiveLessons series.
Copyright 2015
Edition: 1st
Downloadable Video
ISBN-10: 0-13-409613-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-409613-1
2.5+ Hours of Video Instruction

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