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-====== ​BALUG todo list ====== +====== ​To Do List ======
-==== in approximate priority ranking - notes first ==== +
-  *Notes: +
-    *This is not a complete/​current list +
-    *higher/​highest priority towards the top +
-    *lower priority items may proceed before higher items depending on resources and if not dependent upon higher priority items +
-  *system(s):​ +
-    *restore (most) all functionality BALUG had on the %%<​=%%2009-11-11 VIP on shared tower box to the balug Xen domU, still to do: +
-      *finish rounding out appropriate redirects (critical ones done, but many others remain to be done) +
-      *disable temporary testing stuff(?) (e.g. /env) +
-    *send out relevant communication(s) once the above is sufficiently complete (most notably need to update webmaster how-to stuff, as it's changed a fair bit). +
-  *more wiki page updates: +
-    *webmaster "how to" and such (work-in-progress) +
-    *sysadmin "how to" and such (mostly pending) +
-  *speakers/​presentations +
-    *line up more speakers/​presentations +
-    *get more volunteer(s) actively working on this+
----- +^  [L]UGs/​SIG(s) etc.                                                                                                                                                                                              ^^^^^^To Do                                                              ^ 
-----+^[[https://​​|BALUG]]^[[https://​​|BerkeleyLUG]]^[[http://​​|Pi.BerkeleyLUG]]^[[https://​|SF-LUG]]^[[http://​​|BAD]]^[[http://​​|BUUG]]^::: ​                                                               ^ 
 +|i                               ​| ​                                       |                                             ​| ​                                 |                              |                             |list anti-spam: SMTP reject list posting attempts from unauthorized| 
 +|y                               ​|y ​                                      ​| ​                                            ​| ​                                 |                              |                             ​|remove/​replace non-local mail aliases ​                             | 
 +|y                               ​|y ​                                      ​| ​                                            ​| ​                                 |                              |                             |per domain mail aliases ​                                           | 
 +|i                               ​| ​                                       |                                             ​| ​                                 |                              |                             ​|Mailman 3.x install/​configure & migrations to                      | 
 +|?                               ​|? ​                                      ​| ​                                            ​| ​                                 |                              |                             ​|[[https://​​wiki/​DomainKeys_Identified_Mail|DKIM]] ​ | 
 +|?                               ​|? ​                                      ​| ​                                            ​| ​                                 |                              |                             ​|[[https://​​wiki/​DMARC|DMARC]] ​                     | 
 +|                                |p                                       ​|p ​                                           |                                  |                              |                             ​|automate list backups ​                                             | 
 +|                                |p                                       ​|p ​                                           |                                  |                              |                             ​|unGoogleing of list                                                | 
 +|                                |                                        |                                             ​| ​                                 |y                             ​| ​                            |see: [[bad:​start]] ​                                                | 
 +|                                |                                        |                                             ​| ​                                 |                              |y                            |see: [[buug:​start]] ​                                               | 
 +|                                |                                        |                                             ​|p ​                                ​| ​                             |                             ​|regular automated backup of list .pck file                         | 
 +|                                |                                        |                                             ​|p ​                                ​| ​                             |                             |warm standby of list migration to ​                |
-===== Caution - much of the material on this page below this point is rather out-of-date =====+Note that this is intended to be not //just// for BALUG, but in addition to BALUG, ...\\ 
 +[Linux] User Groups ([L]UG)s / Special Interest Group(s) (SIG)(s) etc. "to do" list 
 +Notably covering in addition to BALUG, those also sharing or also using BALUG Virtual Machine (VM)\\ 
 +and/or having other common/​overlapping interest(s) where it's been thought appropriate to list them here.\\
-===== general todo ===== +Priority ordering ​... Sort of kind of: 
-  * Get (more) detailed information (text blurbs, etc., both short and extended) for upcoming confirmed speaker engagements +  * higher/highest priorities at/towards top, (possiblynotwithstanding ​... 
-  * update website with the above +  * dependencies may be listed before ​that which depends upon them 
-  * (hosts transitioning to new hardware box! +  * available resources ​volunteers ​though ​there'​s ​much desired to be doneif resources or willing volunteers aren'​t ​available ​for it or readily ​so, or there'​s some "blocker" or the likeit may only show up further down the list or perhaps not even at all here (but see also earlier/history ​much is also listed there) 
-    * remote management/​setup:​ KVM over IP?  (Michael Paoli attempting to get resources for that; Cced Jim Stockford on communications). +  * key (multiple ​may be used): 
-      * obtained one remote KVM device 2007-11-01, have another remote KVM devices pledged to us/SF-LUG - need 501%%(c)%%(3) EIN for the second ​of those donations +    ~~SP~~ (blank/​empty) no 
-        * 2007-10-28 - Michael Paoli e-mailed Andrew Fife regarding 501%%(c)%%(3) status (also checked earlier with Jim Stockford regarding possibly handling that via sfccp) +    * - no 
-    * need to coordinate​ hardware migration strategy (Michael Paoli, Jim Stockford, et. al.) +    ? maybe 
-      * most recent indications are build of new box will be started sometime on/after 2007-10-29 +    d done 
-  * get more control into hands of webmaster(s),​ PHP assistant(s)/consultant(s)/fixer(s), etc., (Michael Paoli working to set these upe.g.+    f future(?) 
-    * more automagic updates of [www.] from +    i in-progress ​incomplete 
-    * various staging/​test/​PHP areas (mostly done weekend of 2007-11-03, there are now separate [[http://​​|new]],​ [[http://​​|beta]],​ and [[http://​​|test]] areas) +    * n no 
-    * better ways for webmasters to control when updates occur and have more free reign with website (at least for testing purposes, anyway) +    o overlap ​ 
-  * continue to tweak and improve our dining experience and coordination (cat herding and menu improvements,​ avoiding musical chair syndrome, etc.) +    p proposed 
-  * survey the membership / meeting attendees?​ +    * y yes
-  * continue to line up speaker(s)/​presentation(s) more future meetings +
-  * In general, increasing moves to a more "​production"​ infrastructure (reliable and redundant web, lists and e-mail) (probably don't need super-high availability,​ but being able to fail over or recover to alternate system in relatively quick order (minutes to hours, rather than days to weeks) would be a very good thing) +
-    * to provide virtual host - that should cover us pretty well in regards to redundancy/​failovver +
-      * 2007-10-01 virtual host contact information passed along to Michael Paoli +
-      * 2007-10-21 Michael Paoli followed up with contact on initial questions (e.g. setup, options, etc.) & again on 2007-11-06 +
-      * 2007-11-06 heard back from contact +
-  * Migration off of - including salvaging all that's feasible and of significant interest to BALUG, and smooth migration\\ (including:​ +
-    * control of and (eventual) migration of DNS ( +
-      * Michael Paoli: e-mailed domain registrant on 2007-09-08 & 2007-09-30 +
-      * Michael Paoli: left phone message(s) and e-mailed again on 2007-10-10 +
-      * Mae Ling Mak may have e-mailed and/or called domain registrant 2007-10-14 +
-      * received an e-mail from domain registrant & replied on 2007-10-15 +
-      * Michael Paoli: e-mailed domain registrant again on 2007-11-06 +
-      * e-mail received 2007-11-06 from domain registrant +
-      * Michael Paoli e-mailed domain registrant again on 2007-11-08 (with a bit of luck, we may have the registrant control stuff all wrapped up within about 5 to 10 days or so) +
-      * need to follow-through as necessary to gain control of registrant and DNS delegation information ... without being excessively pesky about it\\ ) +
-    * lists and list archives (including passwords, names, preferences,​ etc.) +
-    * lots of wiki pages that were functional ​there +
-    * presenter information,​ presentation/​slides and such, and links to such, +
-    * meeting writeups/​minutes of past several years +
-    * past approximately 3 years of BALUG history +
-    * (most) all the HTML page stuff +
-    * information for speakers +
-    * speaker coordination resources +
-    * spiffier information on directions to the meeting location +
-    * other useful resources and pages of information +
-    * etc.\\ ) +
-    * get regular off-site automated backups in place (covering absolutely everything BALUG has hosted on,​ if feasible - e.g. including stuff that only allows access to via MySQL client) +
-      * have some manual backups of some(/​much/​all?​) of the content +
-    * new landing places for stuff moved/​extracted off of +
-      * - where should that be?  (at least thus far and temporarily,​ it'​s ​on the box ... but it could be almost anywhere) +
-      * box (and the major migration/​upgrade of that to a new box!) +
-        * BALUG has an IP ( for its use on that box +
-        * basic new web infrastructure exists http://​​ +
-          * As of 2007-09-01 some http://​​ web content automatically propagates to http://​​ (to ease transition) +
-            * increase the automated http://​​ --> http://​​ web updating +
-        * Mailman (list software) is installed on boxbut isn'​t ​configured yet +
-        * BALUG needs to create its own e-mail infrastructure off of (not yet in place, other than the box has been reconfigured so it's not using for SF-LUG / default e-mail on the box).  Note also that BALUG is also (at least thus far) using some of the e-mail infrastructure (most notably a bunch of forwarding aliases). +
-        * wiki - has a wiki configured ​for it (and BALUG is using some of that) ... but don't yet have such configured separately for BALUG (under it's own IP address and DNS names and such) - so, the BALUG stuff that'​s ​there so far may not be at all in it'​s ​"​permanent"​ location. +
-    * content extraction +
-      * Any PHP and MySQL volunteers? (As of 2007-09-24 we've started to get at least some volunteer(s) to step forward on that.) BALUG could use assistance/​consulting advice with PHP and MySQL; that could aid transition from the old hosted site of and ​ Maybe we can leverage ​some "talk" ​list(s) ​or similar resources for answer to specific questions? ​ Nothing all that major to dobut those aren't at least presently expert fields of the current BALUG sysadmins, and they'​ll likely ​ otherwise manage to muddle through them anyway. ​ Mostly just need to dump/​migrate some MySQL data and preferably in most useful/​portable format(s) feasible - e.g. we may want to reload all the Mailman related data into a different MySQL database, ​but for some of the other data, we may want to process and pull out relevant bits via perl or other means. ​ There'​s ​also some (slightly) broken PHP stuff to fix (or diagnose and make a "​fix"​ recommendation). ​ Presumably (my best guess) the PHP stuff was all working with the same, or a slightly older version of PHP, and changes in PHP version and/or some minor goofs in some PostNuke PHP web data have gotten the "​old"​ stuff to the point where it's effectively quite non-functional ... but it's probably not all that horribly difficult to fix ... at least enough to usefully extract information - which is key objective. ​ Anyway, if some person(s) want to volunteer a bit of assistance/​consulting on MySQL and/or PHP, that may be of significant benefit to BALUG. +
-      List archives and subscribers,​ etc. +
-        automate backups of this data, as complete as feasible +
-          * it's presently being done approximately monthly manually (last done 2007-10-21); covers a rather imperfect and limited view of archives (munged @ --> " at " and most headers stripped, and no backup of any attachments),​ and list subscriber e-mail addresses (but not names, passwords, or preferences) +
-        optimal extraction/​migration may require fair bit of use of MySQL +
-      Older web content (most notably many wiki pages) +
-        "just in case" backup of raw data - may have some(/much/all?) of that covered, but that's also a worst case extraction scenario (may not be feasible to extract and reconstruct from such outside of environment+
-        optimal extraction/migration probably requires some (more) PHP expertise and possibly also some (more) MySQL expertise +
-    * DNS phased migration off of +
-      have created and (including slave(s)) +
-      start phased change of (get registrar control, add NS records for +
-      * add slaves for (have queued up good volunteer slave resources once we can allow them to do zone transfers) +
-      * continue to maintain zone in mode compatible with until fully migrated off of (work in progress - currently being done with (to be new) primary master on +
-    * e-mail (,​ etc.) +
-      * The e-mail addresses are mostly fairly managed at this point - have functional forwarding aliases in place, have the information on the expansion of the aliases also on the box.  Main thing missing from is reasonable spam filtering - doesn'​t offer spam filtering for forwarding only e-mail addresses - they only offer it for e-mail addresses that are fully hosted on (e.g. the mail stays on and is accessed via a web interface ... not very handy for forwarding aliases where one wants the mail to be sent to multiple recipients).+
-This list originally based upon some earlier partial lists / status reports, e.g.:\\ +There'​s ​lots more to do and at least potentially do older listing was getting quite dated - so mostly started afresh.\\ 
-[[http://​​pipermail/​​2007-June/​000373.html|Any good words as to the gathering of data from the old balug website ?]]\\ +Neverthelessolder listing ​and its history may remain quite useful, e.g. for additional things ​that ought be done or considered
-[[http://​​pipermail/​​2007-May/​000369.html|http://​​ updated! :-) (& related information)]] +or done when there'​s ​available/​willing resource(s)/volunteer(s) to do it.\\ 
- +So ... [[​balug_todo_list&​rev=1267082737|older version]] 
-===== Steering Committee ===== +and of course ​[[​wiki/doku.php?id=balug:balug_todo_list&do=revisions|history]] (for this wiki page).
-2007-10-01T12:​00:​00-0700 Conference Call +
- +
-==== Agenda ==== +
-  -__**The Big Plan**__ +
-    * BALUG in general +
-    * sponsorships/​funding/​budgets/​policies,​ etc. +
-    * general direction, plans, and vision for BALUG? +
-  -**__BALUG Web & Email Issues__** +
-    * - where, objectives, participants,​ etc. +
-    * longer term Internet plans (redundancy,​ fail-over, RSVP system, etc.) +
-    * Website +
-      -Do we have access/own all of the resources that we need? +
-        * not yet: +
-          * need to get full control of DNS (Michael Paoli/Mae Ling Mak following up on this) +
-          * redundancy/​failover? ​ Once we're off of DreamHost we're down to exactly one system shared with SF-LUG - and that system will be going through major changes soon (i.e. downtime). +
-            *What are BALUG'​s ​requirements for hosting the site? +
-              -System & Storage? +
-              -Physical Access? +
-              -Bandwidth?​ +
-      -Can we move forward without the old broke mysql stuff? +
-        * yes and no: +
-          * yes - we've got - can put it anywhere we want and use it as long as we want +
-          * no: +
-            * unless we want a gaping hole in BALUG'​s history, archives, and web site, etc., we still have more work to do to extract 2003-09 - ~2007-03 content (meeting minutes/​links/​summary pages and contents from speakers, various other useful web & wiki pages) +
-            * we can't smoothly transition the lists without doing some well timed and coordinated mysql extracts and loads. ​ Yes, we can get subscriber'​s e-mail addresses, and a slightly munged form of the list archives without the mysql pieces, but without the mysql pieces we'll lose all the other stuff (e.g. list subscribers names, preferences and passwords, non-munged archive contents, etc.) +
-      -Anyone opposed to a hosted wysiwyg solution like​ +
-        * yeah, I'm not keen on the idea: +
-          * Haven'​t we already been sufficiently screwed by "​managed hosting sites" where we don't have full control of the materials/​tools/​software/​etc. and easy ability to quickly replicate the same functionality and content elsewhere?​ +
-          * "​managed hosting"​ sites usually let us do what we want - but only so long as it's something the hosting provider will let us do - it can be very constraining and problematic. ​ We really don't need more of those issues/​limitations+
-          * do we really want to be subject to terms that aren't under our control and can be changed at any time without notice, and be agreed to the terms in advance? +
-          * various folks might also object on various "​political"/​freedom grounds. +
-      -How can we implement an RSVP system for events? +
-        * for now: simple e-mail alias  (That'​s what BALUG had historically) +
-        * future: snazzier web formwith reminder option(s), etc. +
-          * Should reminders be optional? +
-        * we probably want to avoid some 3rd party system that folks may not particularly trust and/or that may have terms some or many may find objectionable (e.g. many folks don't want their e-mail addresses made available to yet another 3rd party site that may end up leading to spam or unwanted promotional e-mailsetc.) +
-        * we probably need to consistently "​push"​ folks towards RSVP to get RSVP responses that would be reasonabe indicators of probable attendance. ​ E.g. if the event is promoted and publicized in inconsistent ways (not necessarily a bad thing itself), but when it's promoted, if there'​s ​nothing that implies folks need to RSVP, or they need to refer to our web site (where it would tell them they need to RSVP), then they typically wouldn'​t RSVP - and as publicity coverage ​(and responsemay vary, we may be left with litle clue as to how many folks to actually expect+
-  -__**[[Event Communications]]**__ +
-    * Which lists/locations? ​ What is the timing? ​ Who posts? +
-      -Internal BALUG mailing lists +
-      -External UG mailing lists +
-      -RSS from the website? +
-        * feasibility & implementation timing? +
-        * perhaps in the future, but not yet +
-      -iCal and/or similar notification/​calendaring systems? +
-      -Flyers +
-      -Member blogs +
-      -Speaker blogs +
-      -Event listing websites +
-      -Social Networking: Facebook, MySpace, others? +
-  -__**Speaker Coordination**__ +
-    * What is our goal... driving meeting attendance or supporting local causes? (JS: entertain and/or enlighten members attending the meeting, not either driving meeting attendance, which should result from entertain/enlighten, nor support any particular cause other than general free and open source -ness.)  +
-    * How to ensure that we don't double book speaking slots+
-      * Update ​[[BALUG Speaker Coordination]] (note that that page may eventually move - but for the time being, that's where it is) - that's what it's there for.  If one doesn'​t put information there that a speaker is booked/confirmed (or even tentative) for a date, then folks will presume the date is open.  Folks aren't going to remember that e-mail from N days/weeks/​months ago - especially if they weren'​t on <​> at the time (and having a bunch 'o individuals trying independently to track the status would be rather redundant with what the wiki page is intended to do; also if folks separately maintain their own copies of such status, when they have conflicting information,​ how would one determine which information is correct? ​... with the wiki page it's out there for all to see (and even the revision history of who made what changes and when)). +
-      * also use <​> for general speaker coordination - e.g. so the rest of the speaker coordinators are at least aware of some of the key bits of information - like how to get in touch with the speaker and any issues/communications of note.  Don't make yourself the single point of failure. ​ Also make sure the speaker is aware of <​>​ for contacting us.  That doesn'​t mean every bit of communication needs to go out to <​>,​ but if aliens abducted you for a couple weeks, enough communications should have already gone out to <​>​ that we'd be able to reasonably pick up the pieces. +
-    * Best Practices Guide for Speakers +
-      * did a quite good page of that before; it's still to be extracted from the old BALUG wiki stuff (and no, I don't feel like writing up all that work again, but if someone else wants to, feel free; we can always reintegrate useful bits from the older materials into a newer writeup once we've retrieved the older materials) +
-  -__**Event Logistics**__ +
-    * Update from Mae Ling on the Four Seas +
-      -Menu Changes +
-        *Number of dishes won't change +
-        *Variety will change & rotate monthly between 4 entrees from the beef, pork, chicken & veggie menu items (yum!) +
-        *Menu will rotate monthly between noodles & rice, both of which will be veggie (yum!) +
-      -50+ people, we can eat upstairs (how to forecast this?) +
-      -No more Musical Chairs (yippie!) +
-        *Portions of food will be determined by the number of blue tickets instead of by number of people sitting at the table +
-      -Feb2008 - 2008-02-19 - any conflicts between date, venue, and Chinese New Year No, we're all clear on that date (and in 2009). +
-    * Name tags? - probably, but need to be sure we do it in a time efficient manner (e.g. don't slow up dinner to do name tags!) +
-    * Address bottlenecks: +
-      -Sitting down for dinner promptly - at 7:00 P.M.! +
-      -Selling dinner tickets - in bar, upon arrival - or certainly before leaving bar area +
-      -Late comers +
-      -Musical Chairs ​non-eaters +
-      -Dinner to speaker transition - works better if we dine upstairs; short of that, timely start on dinner helps a lot +
-      -Door Prizes - speed it up - draw at most for 3 items +
-    * How can we improve the AV equipment?​ +
-      -Portable Projector (Can borrow from Untangle, Speaker is bringing his own for October) +
-      -Portable Screen (About $300) (that might be okay for 25 folks, but when we have 50+ folks would a portable screen even help us at all?) +
-    * Time for community announcements,​ how to keep them concise & on topic? - _The Gong Show_ tactics - 60 second maximum per person - go over time or off topic and that's the end of that announcement +
-    * Publicizing the next event: __**[[Event Communications]]**__ +
-  -__**Finances**__ +
-    * setting up a bank account +
-      * via USENIX/​BayLISA?​ +
-      * via ??? +
-      * via Jim Stockford?​ +
-    * budget ​for flyers, website & anything else? +
-  -__**Mailing Lists**__ +
-    * Keeping Mailing Lists Useful +
-      *this has mostly been a non-issue so far: +
-        *the Mailman list software is pretty good at detecting and snagging spam +
-        *"​announce"​ is moderated +
-        *"​talk"​ and "​admin"​ have fairly open policies; listadmin(scan warn/squash the problematic if/when that becomes necessary+
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