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To Do List

[L]UGs/SIG(s) etc. To Do
i list anti-spam: SMTP reject list posting attempts from unauthorized
y y remove/replace non-local mail aliases
y y per domain mail aliases
i Mailman 3.x install/configure & migrations to
? ? DKIM
p p automate list backups
p p unGoogleing of list
y see: bad
y see: buug
p regular automated backup of list .pck file
p warm standby of list migration to

Note that this is intended to be not just for BALUG, but in addition to BALUG, …
[Linux] User Groups ([L]UG)s / Special Interest Group(s) (SIG)(s) etc. "to do" list Notably covering in addition to BALUG, those also sharing or also using BALUG Virtual Machine (VM)
and/or having other common/overlapping interest(s) where it's been thought appropriate to list them here.

Priority ordering … Sort of kind of:

  • higher/highest priorities at/towards top, (possibly) notwithstanding …
  • dependencies may be listed before that which depends upon them
  • available resources / volunteers - though there's much desired to be done, if resources or willing volunteers aren't available for it or readily so, or there's some "blocker" or the like, it may only show up further down the list - or perhaps not even at all here (but see also earlier/history - much is also listed there)
  • key (multiple may be used):
    •   (blank/empty) no
    • - no
    • ? maybe
    • d done
    • f future(?)
    • i in-progress / incomplete
    • n no
    • o overlap
    • p proposed
    • y yes

There's lots more to do and at least potentially do - older listing was getting quite dated - so mostly started afresh.
Nevertheless, older listing and its history may remain quite useful, e.g. for additional things that ought be done or considered, or done when there's available/willing resource(s)/volunteer(s) to do it.
So … older version and of course history (for this wiki page).

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