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Due to COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2,
effective 2020-03-17, San Francisco Bay Area [Linux] User Groups ([L]UGs) have suspended in-person meetings, at least for the time being / until further notice (including BALUG).


Virtual Meetings

Note that some [L]UGs are conducting virtual meetings.
This not necessarily a fully updated comprehensive list, but this is list of at least (some) San Francisco Bay Area [L]UGs known to be having / having started conducting virtual meetings.
In general see the LUG[s] web site and/or list(s) for the most current information:

[L]UG/SIG (list(s)) first >=2020-03-17 virtual meeting last verified (still) having virtual meetings
Felton LUG (Felton LUG)2020-05-02 2020-12-05
SF-LUG (SF-LUG) 2020-05-03 2021-01-03
Pi.BerkeleyLUG (BerkeleyLUG) 2020-05-03 2021-01-17
BerkeleyLUG (BerkeleyLUG) 2020-05-10 2021-01-10
Red Hat User Groups - San Francisco Bay Area 2020-07-01 2020-11-11
CABAL (CABAL) 2020-09-12 2021-01-09

Lists and other Activities/Updates

Please see also: meta-list_-_list_of_lists - note that many [L]UGs may have rather to quite active list(s), even if they're not currently meeting - and/or may have relevant updates and information, etc. on their web sites.

Around the US (beyond San Francisco Bay Area - for San Francisco Bay Area, see further above) / and beyond

Absolutely by no means a complete list, but here are some LUGs which have started having on-line / virtual meetings:


AZ.US Phoenix Linux Users Group (Main: second Thursdays; Installfests: first & third Saturdays; Free Software Stammtisch: third Tuesdays; Linux/Cyber Security: second Thursdays)
AZ.US Ubuntu Arizona TeamUbuntu Arizona Team (first and third Sundays (IRC, also generally audio/video))
CA.US Orange County Linux Users Group (various Saturdays)
CA.US San Luis Obispo Linux Users Group (first Thursdays)
FL.US Northwest FLorida Linux User Group (generally first Mondays of even numbered months)
FL.US The Suncoast Linux Users Group (Pinellas Park) (second and third Wednesdays)
GA.US Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (Sundays and Tuesdays)
IL.US Chicago GNU/Linux User Group (typically monthly on a Saturday)
IL.US Rock River Linux Users Group (second Thursdays)
IL.US Southern Illinois Linux Users Group (first Wednesdays and third Saturdays)
IN.US Central Indiana Linux Users Group (typically first Wednesdays)
IN.US Fort Wayne Linux Users Group ("will commence holding online events soon" - (first Thursdays?))
KS.US Lawrence Linux User Group (third Saturdays)
MA.US Boston Linux & Unix User Group (third Wednesday)
MN.US Rochester Area Linux Users Group (generally: technical second Thursdays, socializing: monthly (varies))
MO.US Saint Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG) (generally 2nd Wednesdays)
MO.US Saint Louis Linux Users Group (STLLUG) (generally third Thursdays)
MO.US Saint Louis MO - Newcomer Linux Users Group (generally fourth Tuesdays)
NC.US Triangle Linux Users GroupTriangle Linux Users Group (second Thursdays)
NE.US Omaha Linux User Group (first Tuesdays)
NJ.US Brookdale Computer Users Group BCUG Linux User Group meeting (second Wednesdays)
NJ.US (Clifton) New Jersey Linux User Group (generally second and last Wednesdays)
NM.US New Mexico GNU & Linux Users Group (every other Thursday)
NM.US Albuquerque Linux User Group (first Tuesdays)
OH.US Dayton Linux Users Group (third Thursdays)
TX.US Austin Linux User Group (second Thursdays)
VA.US Northern Virginia Linux User Group (every Wednesday evening)
WA.US Bellingham Linux Users Group (first Thursdays)

beyond US

AU Central Coast GNU/Linux Users Group (2020-09-02, …)
CA Kitchener-Waterloo Linux User Group (usually on the first (non-holiday) Monday)
IN Indian Linux User's Group - (South India) Chennai (Madras) (second Saturdays)
IN GNU/Linux Users Group of Mumbai (schedule varies)
JP Tokyo Linux Users Group (generally: Technical Meetings second Saturday of odd-numbered months)
UK Birmingham Linux User Group (generally third Tuesdays)
UK Liverpool LUG (first Wednesdays)
UK Manchester Linux User Group (third Saturdays)
UK Shropshire Linux User Group (second Thursdays & last Thursdays)
UK Surrey Linux Users Group (Bring-A-Box: second+fourth Saturdays)
UK Wolverhampton Linux User Group (every Wednesday evening)

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