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 +====== SF-LUG Resources, etc. ======
 +This is intended to track basic resources/​information (most notably digital) of relevance to SF-LUG,\\
 +and most notably information that might not otherwise be particularly easy to find (especially publicly).
 +It's not intended to (redundantly - and perhaps not currently/​accurately) provide information that's otherwise generally readily (and generally publicly) accessible,
 +e.g. whois(1) data, basic DNS data, etc.
 +^Domain ​       ^Canonical?​^Who has transfer, etc. access^Who has access to edit DNS zone master file/​data ​    ​^%%Notes/​comments ​                                                          %%^
 +^:::           ​^::: ​      ​^::: ​                         ^**See also: [[system:​dns|DNS]]** ​                    ​^::: ​                                                                         ^
 +|****|**Y** ​    |Jim Stockford, Michael Paoli, Al Whaley|Michael Paoli, Jim Stockford, Grant Bowman, Rick Moen|%%<​~=2004-08-13T12:​59:​41Z-- Canonical: http[s]://​ ​          %%|
 +| ​   |N         |Al Whaley ​                             |Michael Paoli, Jim Stockford, Grant Bowman, Rick Moen|%%<​~=2006-12-08-09:​05:​06Z--<​~=2019-07-04T07:​08:​41Z;​ 2019-09-07T18:​09:​17Z-- %%|
 +| ​  ​|N ​        ​|(N/​A) ​                                  ​|(N/​A) ​                                               |%%Defunct (2015-09-28T20:​01:​47Z--2016-09-28T20:​01:​47Z) ​                    %%|
 +| ​    ​|N ​        |Al Whaley ​                              ​|Michael Paoli, Jim Stockford, Grant Bowman, Rick Moen|%%2019-04-06T14:​09:​16Z-- ​                                                  %%|
 +| ​    ​|N ​        |Al Whaley ​                              ​|Michael Paoli, Jim Stockford, Grant Bowman, Rick Moen|%%2019-04-11T18:​20:​31Z-- ​                                                  %%|
 +| ​    ​|N ​        |Al Whaley ​                              ​|Michael Paoli, Jim Stockford, Grant Bowman, Rick Moen|%%2019-04-11T18:​20:​33Z-- ​                                                  %%|
 +| ​   |N         |Al Whaley ​                              ​|Michael Paoli, Jim Stockford, Grant Bowman, Rick Moen|%%2019-09-03T23:​38:​28Z-- ​                                                  %%|
 +The above doesn'​t include any prior (or subsequent) ownership(s) of domain(s) where the domain(s) were/are owned by other than SF-LUG person(s).\\
 +"​transfer,​ etc. access"​ - has login access to make such changes with registrar
 +Who has access to edit SF-LUG'​s web page(s) (notwithstanding further below):\\
 +Jim Stockford\\
 +Michael Paoli\\
 +Grant Bowman\\
 +Todd Hawley\\
 +Kim Davalos
 +SF-LUG list:\\
 +graciously hosted by Rick Moen on (see: [[http://​​mailman/​listinfo/​sf-lug]],​ also see same for listadmin(s))\\
 +Anything else on the site that might need attending to that listadmin(s) might not have access to change (e.g. other web pages related to SF-LUG):\\
 +Rick Moen is sysadmin on that site (Michael Paoli may also have sysadmin access if host is on-line, but Rick is principal and primary sysadmin)
 +Got Backups?\\
 +The list mbox file (full archive) is publicly accessible
 +[[http://​​pipermail/​sf-lug.mbox/​sf-lug.mbox]] -
 +//anyone// with Internet access has access to back that up.\\
 +At present, Michael Paoli (also? ​ Any others?) backs up the list mbox file to off-site, nominally overnightly.\\
 +Also, from that backup and processing thereof, there is also publicly available RCS version control version of that file:
 +and backup copy of the file itself: [[http://​​sf-lug.mbox/​sf-lug.mbox]]\\
 +The (at least public) web pages - //anyone// with Internet access has access to back those up.\\
 +mbox roster (not publicly accessible) - Michael Paoli backs that up to off-site, nominally overnightly - I believe Jim Stockford is also emailed that data weekly.\\
 +SF-LUG web site/host (stuff not on the list host) - it is **NOT** an SF-LUG host, but does (also) host SF-LUG content,\\
 +that host gets full off-site backups/​rotations nominally monthly, also gets a single (repeatedly overwritten) full backup each time the host (virtual machine) migrates
 +(typically about 4 to 6 times per month).
 +SF-LUG nominally owns a (loud, power hungry, relatively old) 1U server physical machine - not particularly suitable for residential operation (especially with non-deaf
 +humans nearby). ​ It is in possession of Michael Paoli in - egad - residential location. ​ It mostly serves as physical host of VM that (also) hosts SF-LUG non-list content
 +... but (noise!, power, ...) that's mostly left powered off and generally only powered up when the primary physical machine isn'​t/​won'​t be available at that location
 +(and the human(s) aren't around or are soon hoping to evacuate that location).
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