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California is a massive state with many people who are members of this well-known group, so it's likely that many people have questions as to how this could affect them. As of right now, it's not really known. There aren't really many details available on what could result from such a move. The Supreme Court ruled in 2000 that it was okay for the Boy Scouts of America to discriminate against homosexuals due to their freedom of association. Nonetheless, this new approach of going after their tax exempt status might have a different outcome. The group famously considered lifting their ban on gay members earlier this year, but their decision has been delayed—and understandably so. This is a huge decision to make regardless of how much of a no-brainer it might seem to the rest of the country. gio xach. Indeed, this is a sensitive situation, but all in all, children shouldn't be discriminated against. And if a private group is going to discriminate against children, should they really be exempted from paying their fair share to the government? In a , their lack of tax payment kind of makes it look like the government condones their behavior.

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