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-====== ​SF-LUG ​Wiki ======+====== ​BALUG (, etc.?​) ​Wiki ======
 +To get wiki login access: ​ Contact site administrator [[mailto:​|Michael Paoli]]. ​ Self-registration has been disabled on account of major bot abuse problems.
 +===== Index =====
 +**[[this>​doku.php?​do=index|Index]]** - definitive index (what pages exist where, what they'​re named, etc.)\\
 +The above index provides a "​definitive list", however, the **below** may give one a **better general over-all idea of** (intended) **structure and placement**,​ etc.
 +===== Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) =====
 +  ***[[balug:​BALUG|Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG)]]** (pages mostly of interest to **BALUG** folks)
 +    *[[this>​doku.php?​do=index&​idx=balug|BALUG Wiki Index]]
 +    *see also [[system:​system administration rules of the road (this box)|system administration policies / "rules of the road" (this box)]] and subordinate pages for areas that do or may overlap SF-LUG and/or
 +===== San Francisco Linux Users' Group (SF-LUG) =====
 +  *[[this>​doku.php?​do=index&​idx=sf-lug|SF-LUG Wiki Index]] (of stuff on this wiki, anyway)
 +===== BerkeleyLUG =====
 +  *[[berkeleylug:​digital_resources|Digital Resources]]
 +===== System stuff =====
 +  *[[this>​doku.php?​do=index&​idx=system|System Wiki Index]]
 +===== Wiki history/​background =====
 +  * as of 2010-02-20, pages on this wiki have been "​restored"​ (and shuffled about and edited a bit - for much of the details see: [[balug:​wiki|balug:​wiki]]) from the wiki pages that used to be on/under %%http://​[www.]​wiki/​%% but some/many of the individual wiki pages may still generally be rather to quite out-of-date.
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